After an accurate diagnosis that may include a Doppler examination or an ultrasound of adipose tissue, intradermal microinjections are performed with specific drugs, chosen according to the areas to be treated and the type of treatment necessary for the patient: in this way it is possible to fight not only the localized fat but also venous insufficiency and fluid retention with vasoprotective or lipolytic drugs The affected parts of the body are the abdomen, the hips, the inner thigh, the arms and the inside of the knee.

The sessions are performed weekly. The number varies according to the degree and type of pathology to be treated.

We can call it a classic treatment for cellulite, which promises and maintains visible results for the bikini season

Mesotherapy is frequently combined with other complementary techniques such as lymphatic drainage, localized massages, pressotherapy, and yet the X-Wave, Vanquish and LPG Endermologie. All these solutions, together with the choice of targeted drugs, allow you to act on multiple levels and combat the problem in a complete and effective way, being able to see positive results faster than choosing a single therapy.

There are no particular side effects in this type of intervention because any type of precaution for a possible allergy to the drug used will have been ascertained before the start of therapy. What the patient will notice in the post-intervention phase will be an increase in diuresis and the appearance of small ecchymoses due to the patient’s capillary fragility, but which will disappear in a short time as simple traumas due to the passage of needles.