The medical director and physician of reference is Dr. Anadela Serra Visconti.

With the passing of the years, in fact, both in the woman and in the man, the so-called “intimate parts”, or the external genitals (vulva and penis), undergo changes. They age, as well as all the other organs of the body, including skin. This causes discomfort during sexual intercourse, compromising the quality of intimate well-being.

As with any Aesthetic Medicine technique, before any corrective intervention, a preliminary visit is required, a complete check-up (blood test) that also includes hormone levels and possibly an additional visit to the gynecologist or the andrologist. The rejuvenation of external genitalia gives almost immediate results, it does not involve discomfort, pain or hospitalization. It is carried out in three phases: the cosmetic phase, the biostimulating phase and the remodeling phase.


The first step to rejuvenate the genitals is the prescription of a local anti-aging local cosmetics for the private parts. Indispensable for men and women, it should be performed at home every day to restore the firmness and softness of skin and mucous membranes. In particular, the creams based on Boswellia Serrata (a derivative of incense), the lipogel of shea butter and jojoba oil and those based on vitamin E to be applied on the genitals in the morning and in the evening, after a thorough cleansing, are very effective. For intimate hygiene, delicate nickel-free detergents, without preservatives and gluten-free, which are not irritating and wash gently. Very useful and practical for both men and women, oily sprays based on vitamin E, A, C, Coenzyme Q10 and Lipoic acid with antioxidant and lubricating action to nebulize on intimate parts. In particular for women, moisturizing vaginal suppositories based on pure vitamin E are recommended, to be used at night before going to sleep. They allow to rehydrate the mucous membranes, reduce their fragility and elasticize the tissues, thus making the skin and vaginal the more hydrated and elastic, which makes the intimate relationships easier. Remember that liposels based on vitamin E are excellent moisturizers and lubricants “handbag” for women or “pocket” for men, to use during the day and during intercourse.


There are various very effective methods. The first one consists in exposing the interested parts to a particular light with a biostimulating action, that is a light that stimulates the rejuvenation of the tissues. It is called “LED photobiostimulation” and uses special diode lamps that emit an infrared light that helps to recover tone and turgidity of the tissues. The sessions are performed in the doctor’s office, exposing the genitals to this light. The treatments are weekly, last 15 minutes and are normally associated with the local application of antioxidant and moisturizing gels during the same session. The goal of this treatment is to restore hydration and elasticity of the affected areas, recovering a more youthful appearance. The second method is called PRL, ie platelet stimulation with growth factors. A blood sample is taken first, the platelets are centrifuged and the platelets are extracted, bearing tissue growth factors. These platelets will then be reinjected subcutaneously both in the external genitalia of the woman and in the man, giving a stimulus to the rejuvenation of the tissues. The results are very satisfactory.



It is possible to recreate the turgor, that is to “pluck up” the vulvar area (monte di Venere, big and small lips, vaginal ostium) through micro-infiltrations of hyaluronic acid at subcutaneous level. The hyaluronic acid that is used is the same one used for the face, to erase wrinkles or give volume to the lips or cheekbones, the so-called “filler”. The technique involves the local application of an anesthetic cream about an hour before treatment, which makes it virtually painless, also because the same filler contains anesthetic (lidocaine). The aesthetic recovery is immediate, even if sometimes more sessions are necessary. Even the turgor, is increasing, but gradually. Lasts for about 3 months. The hyaluronic acid used, is a gel that has more functions: it hydrates the fabric, improves the elasticity of the area, and above all, returns the lost volume to the intimate parts. It takes 2 to 4 sessions.


It is possible to increase the circumference of the glans by injecting a hyaluronic acid gel into its base. Like the treatment for women, the so-called “filler” is also used for man to increase the volume and turgidity of the treated area. After having applied a local anesthetic cream for about an hour, micro-infiltrations are practiced along the entire circumference of the base of the glans, the final part of the male sexual organ. The result of this infiltration is a volumetric increase in the treated part, immediately visible. Lasts for about 3 months. Usually 1 or 2 sessions are required.


The combined action of specific cosmetics, biostimulation and restoration of volumes with the filler gives both the man and the woman a more youthful appearance of the external genitalia. There is a remodeling and firming of the small and large lips, a decrease in dryness and an improvement in the elasticity of the tissues in women. In humans there is a remodeling with an increase in the volume of the glans particularly appreciated by those who feel progressively undersized. These techniques do not produce miracles but yes effective results that can help, both aesthetically and psychologically, to live a more satisfying and serene sexuality to men and women of all ages, even more so if you are not very young or if one feels, even when young, the need to improve the aesthetics of one’s private parts.

Dr. Paola Casadidio, Aesthetic Doctor, has collaborated.