“After the sessions of radiofrequency and biostimulation of the face with Dr. Anadela Serra Visconti, my life has changed: it’s not just a matter of looking more beautiful, but above all of feeling serene again when showing my face and self-assurance.”

Cecilia M.

“I had reached a point where I could not go on with the varicose veins in my legs, I am a bit scary and I had always postponed the operation, but after the visit with Dr. Serino, who gave me a I felt confident and confident, and now I am very happy with the decision I made: the operation was much easier for me than I thought I feel better, day and night, and I have also started to wear skirts.”

Ludovica D.

“In a welcoming and refined avant-garde equipment for care and beauty with all cosmetic medicine treatments.”

Luci G.

“I think it’s a great center, with great professionals, from doctors to the girls that serve you, I recommend it very strongly, I, as a Spanish, have found a trust center and I am very happy and grateful.”

Maria Nogues

“Thanks Ester this machinery is fantastic!!!!”– talking about Vanquish Zap Fat

Antonella Clerici (famous Italian television presenter) @antoclerici

“After the treatment with Vanquish I can wear my jeans from when I was 18!”

Alda D’Eusanio (famous Italian journalist and TV presenter)

(Vanquish, radiofrequency, x-wave)

Kitty Pecorone Fawcett @kittyfawcett