he resorbable threads are one of the most used tools in aesthetic medicine for the face because of their simplicity and effectiveness. Specifically, this treatment involves inserting, through small needles, absorbable threads (in polydioxanone – PDO) into the skin of the face or the areas to be treated. These very thin threads are those that are also used in surgery for resorbable suture.

How do the resorbable threads work?

The resorbable threads are a revolutionary and minimally invasive treatment as it allows to obtain a quick and natural biological lifting, without resorting to the surgeon.

The presence of these resorbable threads significantly stimulates the hypodermis to produce collagen fibers. The effect has a duration of 6-8 months and the threads undergo a total resorption as they disappear in a short time, leaving the place to a plot of collagen fibers that gives new support to the treated areas.

The treatment of the absorbable threads is carried out using only an anesthetic cream and cannula with pointed tips and is therefore almost completely painless. Furthermore, the neck, the cleavage, the arms, the buttocks, the thighs and the stomach can be performed to invigorate, always in a minimally invasive way.