The filler is composed of a natural substance (hyaluronic acid) that is injected into some parts of the face through a non-invasive technique that allows to moisturize the tissues and corrects the loss of volume by being able to reshape and rejuvenate the face with natural effect.

Fillers are used to increase the volume of lips and cheekbones, to reduce wrinkles, reshape the nose and contours of the face, or to correct imperfections such as small scars due to acne.

The result is immediately visible after treatment and lasts about 4 to 8 months. The technique begins with the application of an anesthetic cream combined with ice, which makes the treatment virtually painless. In the days following the treatment you will also notice a better hydration of the skin and a skin rejuvenation thanks to the biostimulating and moisturizing effect of the filler.

The choice of the ideal filler changes according to the area of ​​the face where it should be injected, according to the needs of the patient and the characteristics of the imperfection to be corrected. There are more “strong” and “softer” fillers.

Techniques we use in our medical office in Rome:

Hidden Filler

This innovative technique is used to rejuvenate and raise the face in a completely natural and invisible way. The NASHA hyaluronic acid filler (not animal hyaluronic acid) already added with lidocaine, is placed on the sides of the face along the hairline: starting from the temples and descending in front of the ear and ending behind the earlobe. in this way the filler creates a volume laterally, stretching the skin and the face upwards with an immediate “lifting” effect.

In the days following the treatment you will also notice a better hydration of the skin and a skin rejuvenation thanks to the biostimulating and moisturizing effect of the filler. The aesthetic effect lasts from 4 to 6 months.

Rino filler and Nose Up

This technique allows you to harmonize the profile of the face and “raise” in a simple and immediate way the tip of the nose, when it has dropped. It can be an excellent alternative solution, when you do not want to resort to a plastic surgery.

TECHNIQUE: the technique is performed on an outpatient basis, through a small infiltration of hyaluronic acid, at the base of the nose. Before an infiltration an anesthetic cream is applied for about 30 minutes. This small correction re-harmonizes the profile and improves its appearance.
By reflex, a slight raising of the upper lip is also obtained.
With the same infiltrative technique, when necessary, it is also possible to remodel the nasal asymmetries and regularize the profile of the nose.



Coaptite is a biocompatible and resorbable substance already used for many years in various fields of medicine. It consists of calcium hydroxylapatite, a synthetic analogue of the inorganic constituent of bones and teeth.

In aesthetic medicine, coaptite is an excellent filler to recreate large volumes, such as those of the cheekbones or chin. The advantage of coaptite is that although it is a resorbable material, thanks to the size of its spherules, it has a rather slow natural resorption process, of about 12-14 months, thus overcoming the duration of the still valid Hyaluronic acid.

TECHNIQUE: the coaptite must be injected into the deepest layer of the tissues, to guarantee an increase in volume with a natural effect, without running the risk that its presence is perceptible to the touch.

To obtain clear results on the cheekbones, 2 coaptite syringes are usually needed, one per cheekbone. Only one syringe may be sufficient for the chin.


Hydro-Reserve (Biostimulation with hyaluronic acid)
The hydro-reserve is a new technique that serves to return water to the dermis, that is, to the support fabric of our skin. It is very useful in case of dehydrated skin, without tone, relaxed, and in particular after a period of prolonged sun exposure, to rehydrate the dermis and restore the lost turgidity to the skin.

TECHNIQUE: the technique consists of a series of micro-injections with a particular type of hyaluronic acid. It is an acid specially formulated to create a strong concentration of water around the particles of the product itself. In fact, once injected into the dermis, it will “draw” water into the tissues, keeping it in place for about 25 days. Thus lost water will be reintegrated.
The result is a new turgidity and a revitalization of the skin.
The treatment can be performed on the whole face (cheeks-forehead, eye contour, lip contour, etc.) and, if necessary, also on the neck, décolleté and back of the hands, or on all those areas where the skin is wilted for both the age that for frequent sun exposure.
The treatment of “hydro-reserve” is mono-dose. It can be repeated monthly as maintenance therapy.

Paris Lip

In order to rejuvenate or increase the volume of the lips in a natural way, fillers, or reabsorbable filling materials, are very useful. In particular, there is a novelty: the first hyaluronic acid N.A.S.H.A. (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid) specific for labial mucosa. It is a crystalline gel of hyaluronic acid (resorbable) consisting of hypercompactated particles that, once injected into the labial submucosa, have the ability to adapt to the structure of the tissue, filling it homogeneously and continuously, without being inside the lip create aesthetic irregularities or gel displacements. Its main characteristic is an extreme malleability: it manages to follow all the movements of the lips with the utmost naturalness, respecting the aesthetic harmony and the tactile sensitivity of the lips.

N.B .: Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are used with the addition of Lidocaine which, together with the use of painless speccifici needles, make the treatment non-painful.

The system can be performed in a single session, but it is always advisable to have a follow-up visit at a distance of one week to check the result and make any necessary adjustments if necessary.
After treatment there may be a slight swelling for about 12-24 hours.
The duration of the correction is about 3-6 months. The treatment can be repeated whenever necessary.

Liquid Lift (Micro-Cannula)

The beauty treatments that aesthetic medicine offers to rejuvenate the face are really many and each one with different specific functions: the liquid lift technique is one of these.
Translated into Italian, the liquid lift is equivalent to liquid lifting or SOFT RESTORATION, and is the latest revolution in the field of aesthetic medicine because it allows you to perform a facelift with a “lifting effect” that can give us 10 years less, without scalpels.

The liquid lift is performed through the subdermal infiltration of hyaluronic acid used with a new technique by means of micro-cannulae that distribute it with a fan technique creating a subcutaneous “pad” that relaxes the face and remodels in a natural way. No need for anesthetic, just ice.

No skin irregularities, or fake appearance: with the liquid lift technique, a “soft” rejuvenation is obtained, which gives back to the face the volumes lost with aging.

This technique returns volume to the cheeks, cheekbones and contours of the face and can also be used to reduce or erase dark circles and fill the temples that are presented. The liquid lift is an outpatient treatment of about 40 minutes: no pain or bruising, you can continue your social activities after the session. Normally one-two sessions are performed, one week apart from one another. There may be a slight swelling for about 24 hours: for 4 days. In fact, an antibiotic coverage is recommended and will be prescribed by the doctor at the end of the session.

The aesthetic result deriving from the liquid lift treatment is natural, its duration is 8-12 months and is a treatment that can be repeated. This technique has the advantage of rejuvenating the skin: in fact, the hyaluronic acid moisturizes the dermis and the skin in depth and promotes the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in a more hydrated, compact and elastic skin.

In a separate session, if you want to complete the work, you can perform small infiltrations of botulinum toxin, which complete the “liquid lift” raising the eyebrows and flattening the forehead.

The attached photos show a patient who performed the liquid lift in two sessions with the use of 3 vials of Hyaluronic Acid per side (6 vials in total).