he face lightening mask, also called “depigmenting mask”, is an outpatient medical treatment, which allows to eliminate or lighten (at least about 85% up to 100%) the facial spots, in particular those large hyper-pigmentations which take the name of melasma or chloasma.
These spots, decidedly unsightly and often the source of complexes, are placed a little on the whole face: in the sopralabial area (“mustache”), in the cheeks, forehead and chin Often other techniques (lasers, peelings, lightening creams, etc.), have been used without great successes.

A preliminary medical examination is required to make the face lightening mask. The doctor explains to the patient every detail concerning the mask, which will be summarized here.

With the face brightening mask can be successfully treated spots of any origin (sun, pregnancy, hormonal imbalances, drugs, psycho-physical stress, etc.) and duration (even those that have appeared for years). It is not always possible to establish the origin of the spots, but a genetic predisposition must be kept in mind.

The treatment can be performed at any time of year, even in summer. Before treatment, it is advisable to suspend the use of creams containing glycolic acid for at least 1 month.
The face or depigmenting lightening mask contains a series of lightening substances, including: kojico acid, phytic acid, arbutin, etc.
Before applying the mask, a picture of the patient’s face is taken, a photo that will be used to check the results in the subsequent checks.

The mask is applied by the doctor, after a thorough cleaning of the skin performed with a particular detergent. The mask is applied all over the face and not only on the spots. It does not burn and does not make any sense of annoyance. It must be kept on the face for 10 hours and then rinsed with water.

The facial lightening mask is a treatment that involves the use of specific creams at home that enhance and maintain the result obtained with the mask. It is necessary to follow a very precise application scheme, which is indicated by the doctor. The application of these creams must last at least 12 months, and the doctor will give the following indications.
Periodic checks that will establish the doctor are strictly necessary.
For about 3-4 weeks after applying the face lightening mask, the skin of the face appears very reddened, but from the first day after the treatment it is possible to make up the face with a covering-opaque base, therefore this treatment allows to continue to perform their social and work activities.
The lightening of the stains begins after about 7 days from the application of the mask and is completed in about 20 days.

In about 90% of cases there is almost complete disappearance of stains. In the remaining 10% of cases, there is a clarification of about 85% in the color of the bush. So sometimes a small shadow can remain.
In the case of particularly stubborn stains, it is possible to perform a retouch on the single stain (after about 1 month) and reapply the mask again (after about 3-6 months).

This treatment also has an excellent skin rejuvenation effect: the skin will appear brighter, smoother, with a noticeable attenuation of micro-wrinkles. Therefore, in addition to the lightening effect, we can consider this facial skin depigmentatio mask a real anti-aging facial treatment.