Facial Tightening and Body Contouring

3DEEP™ RF is an advanced technology of the latest generation that heats the collagen of the dermis and underlying tissue leading to a contraction of the same and to a new collagen production with a significant improvement of the skin.


It is indicated for the reshaping and firming of the abdomen, to tone the skin that has lost elasticity and to treat cellulite in the legs and buttocks.

Foto prima e dopo gambe e addome



It is indicated to tone and smooth wrinkles of the face and neck, it also treats cheeks, jaws, subject and forehead. It improves skins damaged by the sun, reduces hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and treats acne scars. The results can be seen already after the first week.

Foto prima e dopo della Radiofrequenza 3DEEP collo e viso

3DEEP™ RF is based on a unique radiofrequency technology, the latest generation of resurfacing technology. Fractional radiofrequency combines fractional ablation thanks to 120 microneedles with simultaneous release of heat into the dermis. Minimum discomfort and minimum recovery times.