Botox, as it is commonly called the botulinum toxin, in its purified protein form, can be used in aesthetic medicine to temporarily “rest” some muscles of the face. We treat the so-called “mimic muscles”, which are the tiny muscles whose contraction continues when we speak, laugh, etc. and are responsible for the wrinkles that mark our face.

It is important to make very soft corrections, which only aim to weaken the muscles and not to block them, so to avoid to lose expressiveness and acquire an unpleasant fixed aspect.
With light treatments, using small quantities – a sort of “baby-botox” – the face maintains its mobility and its expressiveness, appearing only more relaxed and bright.

After the treatment, in the following 5 hours you have to keep some cautions: avoid to shower, the sauna, the gym, avoid to move your head down and to lie on the bed. It’s also important to avoid touching the treated areas. These precautions are used to avoid an inappropriate distribution of the toxin. The aesthetic result of botulin toxin appears after about 5-7 days from treatment, reaches the maximum relaxing effect after 20-30 days and the aesthetic result remains stable for about 4-5 months. At this point, if desired, the treatment can be repeated.

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