Organic silicon is an element present in our body, whose concentration is reduced with age.

Silicon and Silicone: 

two very different things!

In short, silicon is a naturally occurring chemical element, whereas silicone is a synthetic substance

Silicon is an essential element for living matter, injected can slow down skin aging.

In particular, this treatment gives excellent results on the relaxation of both the face and the neck and the body (arms, hands, thighs, décolleté), when you do not want to resort to surgery. It returns compactness and elasticity to the tissues and stimulates the fibroblasts to produce elastin and favoring the biosynthesis of hyaluronic acid.

TECHNIQUE: the organic silicon is injected into the dermis, with the biostimulation technique.

Injected on the face improves wrinkles, redefines the contour, can be used to mitigate the so-called “crow’s feet”. It is also useful for rejuvenating the back of the hands, the inner-thighs and the inside-arms.
Weekly or fortnightly sessions (from 3 to 8 sessions) are performed, and the results are evident immediately.