Located in the heart of Rome, a few steps from The Spanish Steps, the Beauty Management Medical Institute is the most important landmark of the capital for cosmetic medicine treatments.

B.M.M.I. is the first Center of Aesthetic Medicine in Italy, founded in 1986 in Rome, thanks to the intuitions of a group of young entrepreneurs and the technical and scientific coordination of the late Prof. Carlo Alberto Bartoletti, founding father of Aesthetic Medicine.

For the first time a Medical Center offered users the opportunity to prevent and treat imperfections of the face, the line and general aging thanks to a new branch of Medicine that addresses the aesthetic problems with scientific criteria and also availing itself of technical staff specialized.

We were initially the Medical Center of reference Terme di Saturnia and training center of the first doctors who attended the School of Aesthetic Medicine founded by Prof. Bartoletti. The medical director and medical reference was from the beginning the Dr. Anadela Serra Visconti.

Thanks to an excellent medical team, experience, expertise and seriousness in dealing with the most varied aesthetic issues, implementing the most innovative methodologies and therapies, not following trends and proposals the resulting amarets, we give priority to the uniqueness of each one, to its specific problems and proposing the most effective and satisfying solutions.

Over the years we have perfected the multidisciplinary collaboration making use of the fundamental sciences (biophysics, biochemistry, physiology, pathology) and the acquisitions of general medicine and some of its specializations (internal medicine, endocrinology, dietology, dermatology, angiology, physiatrics, plastic surgery).

Choosing the aesthetic medicine services offered by B.M.M.I. means relying on experts in the field and a team of excellence. Our medical director is Dr. Anadela Serra Visconti, a point of reference in the field of aesthetic medicine, media spokesperson for novelty and aesthetic medicine.

The strength of the Institute is precisely that of wanting to create opportunities for well-being and prevention without following fashions and quirks that are raging today in the aesthetic field: aesthetic medicine is a medical discipline in all respects working in the resolution of aesthetic problems to improve the inner and physical well-being of people.

For foreign guests we employ a team of medical specialists in English.