The X-Wave is an American acoustic wave therapy that solves the problem of cellulite and stretch marks in a non-invasive and non-traumatic way.

The program includes about four 30-minute sessions. An individual program is established after medical check-up and with each patient. The machine uses a handpiece which, thanks to a conductive gel, slides over the affected area, sending the necessary vibrations in a non-invasive way and there are no side effects after the treatment.


  • Reduces fluids by restoring the microcirculation
  • It loosens the traction of the connective fibers on the adipose cells (increased in volume) eliminating the orange peel and regenerating the tissues to their normal state.

The X-Wave can be combined with other treatments for a more visible and faster improvement. In synergy with the famous Vanquish solves not only the problem of cellulite but also of localized fat. The X-Wave is also often combined with radiofrequency or mesotherapy.

The patients are more than satisfied with fast, visible and long-lasting results.