The LPG Integral technique consists of a delicate and targeted tissue gymnastics at the level of fat cells and hypodermis, which reharmonizes connective tissue, stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and promotes metabolic exchanges. Unlike other devices, it has become the reference point for anyone who wants to eliminate cellulite, reshape the line and “anti-aging” facial treatments.

The result is a more harmonious line, a more toned tissue, legs and ankles no longer swollen or sore and firm buttocks. LPG Endermologie is used successfully on the face and neck to reduce double chin and wrinkles and firm the skin.

The treatment is painless and offers a relaxing massage. The operator’s experience is essential to re-harmonize volumes and shapes.

After a personalized assessment, the doctor will indicate the most appropriate program and the number of treatments required. The sessions last approximately 35 minutes and the best results are obtained with a minimum of 6 to 10 treatments.